The Distinction Between Synthetic Diamond and Natural Diamond

At present, synthetic diamonds on the market have no any differences with natural diamond in appearance. 
Synthetic diamond not only can be processed into priceless jewels in the industry is also promising. Its high hardness, wear resistance, and can be widely used for cutting, grinding, drilling; because the high thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and can be used as the heat radiating plate semiconductor device; it has excellent light transmission and corrosion resistance, in the electronics industry has also been widely used.But because of different generation environment, the molecular structure of synthetic diamond is not completely octahedral structure of natural diamond, but a complex structure, which can produce phosphorescence. With the mature production technology and low cost of synthetic diamond, all sorts of colors of diamonds have been produced and sold on the jewelry market.
Synthetic diamonds are also great quality and difficult to distinguish with natural diamond just from the appearance, but there are still some ways. Diamond dealers can use a simple method to confirm the diamonds whether they were growing up in laboratory. They use powerful magnets because there are residues of metal crystallization left in training process inside synthetic diamond , and powerful magnets can suck up the diamonds.
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