Current Development Situation of Synthetic Diamond

Synthetic diamond is composed of diamond crystals whose diameters are from 10 to 30 nm. Early synthetic diamond shows light syrup color because of nitrogen atom from the air into diamond crystals.

By scientists'improved production methods, synthetic diamond and natural diamond in appearance there is no difference now. Because the molecular structure of different growth environment, the diamond is not exactly syntheticl octahedral structures such as natural diamond, but a complex structure, it may cause phosphorescence.

With the mature development of synthetic diamond production technology, it was not only low cost, but can produce a variety of colors diamond jewelry sales areas.
Henan Polytechnic University of superhard materials research institute succeeded in synthesizing two karats and 8.2 mm high-quality yellow diamond. This sample is the largest artificial diamond in the size and weight of the continent.

It is reported that high-quality diamond crystals as a strategic resource in many areas, such as industry, science and technology and national defense construction, have important applications broad market prospects. Previously, only a few developed countries such as the United States, Britain, Japan, the world can be synthesized diamond crystals. Huge commercial value, so that diamond crystals synthesis process closely blocked.
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