The choice of grinding wheel hardness

The general selection principle of grinding wheel hardness as below:
1.When grinding hard materials, select a softer grinding wheel, whereas when grinding soft materials, a harder grinding wheel should be selected.
2.When the grinding wheel has a large contact area with the workpiece, a softer grinding wheel should be selected.
3.When grinding materials with poor thermal conductivity, a softer grinding wheel should be selected.
4.When refined grinding, precision grinding, ultra-fine grinding, forming grinding, the selection of a harder grinding wheel.
5.Mirror grinding, slow feed grinding, generally choose ultra-soft grinding wheel.
6.When grinding rubber, resin and other organic materials, you should choose a softer grinding wheel. 
7.In machining, the hardness grade of commonly used grinding wheels is generally between H-N.Grinding billets or castings generally at Q-level.

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