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The new coronavirus is normally open during business hours. At present, all employees of the company go to work normally and wear masks throughout the work. The company carries out disinfection twice a day, each disinfection is divided into 3 steps.

Disinfection steps:
First step: disinfection of alcoholic objects
Second step: floor disinfection
The third step: air disinfection

Diamond saw blades, diamond segment, diamond grinding discs, and other diamond tools are all in normal production. Welcome to consult and buy! We guarantee the quality of products, and all are disinfected before shipment.

Here are some protection recommendations:
1. Wash your hands frequently and maintain good respiratory hygiene habits
2. Enhance physical fitness and immunity, keep the environment clean and ventilated
3. Minimize activities in crowded places and focus on symptoms
4. There is no water outside, you can use 75% alcohol disinfection products to clean your hands
5. Select disposable medical masks when going out normally. Replace them after 4 hours of continuous use, and replace them immediately after pollution or humidity. Go to the hospital for medical treatment or crowded places can choose N95 medical protective masks. Replace after 4 hours of continuous use. Replace immediately after it is wet.

The above are some protection tips, hope to be useful to everyone!

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