Professional knowledge of polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die

Changsha 3 Better Ultra-Hard Materials Co. Ltd (3betterdiamond) is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of natural drawing dies and polycrystalline diamond drawing dies.

In addition to the application in wire drawing, the application of diamond mould provided by 3betterdiamond has been successfully extended to other fields, such as guide wire, hinge and extrusion.

" developing new products and steadily creating and sharing substantial profits with customers"is the foundation of 3betterdiamond 's business policy. 3betterdiamond 's special-shaped diamond wire drawing dies came out in 2015. With the joint efforts of our professional team of engineers , 3betterdiamond  is the first  special-shaped diamond mold manufacturer in Hunan. The surface polishing condition of 3betterdiamond  profile mold was further improved to achieve the polishing effect of common circular diamond mold. At present, the development of diamond reinforcement increases the prestress of diamond by 20%, the diamond is well protected and the die life is increased by 20%.

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