Effect of rational use and maintenance of drawing die on its life

In the process of drawing die, it is an important way to prolong the service life of die to use and maintain the drawing die reasonably and improve the repair level of the mold.

Cleaning of molds The mold must be cleaned before use, because the clutter in the mold hole not only scratches the surface of the silk material during the stretching process, but also causes the mold to produce grooves, and even lead to the scrapping of the mold. 

Therefore, the mold must be used ultrasonic cleaning before use, compressed air blowing dry.

Cleaning of filament liquid The potassium nitrate or sodium nitrite filament used in the tensile pretreatment filament head has a strong corrosive effect on the mold and will destroy the surface finish of the mold. Therefore, you must clean the silk head on the filament before you wear the wire.

Reasonable installation of mould and maintenance of equipment When installing the drawing die, the centerline of the die must be guaranteed to coincide with the tensile axis of the silk material. Otherwise, the silk material on the mold wall will produce additional side pressure, so that the mold wear into asymmetric uneven wear.

In addition, the tensile equipment installation, maintenance is not appropriate, so that the drawing die in the impact, vibration or frequent start of the working conditions, will make the drawing die force uneven or fluctuating, promote premature wear of the drawing die. 

Surface polishing and repair of molds In order to ensure the quality of silk material, the drawing die must be inspected and polished before use. With the use of the mold, the size of the mold hole changes, the work area and the fixed diameter area need to be repaired

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