PDC cutter(Polycrystalline Diamond Compact)for different applications

PDC cutter(Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) is composed of polycrystalline diamond(PCD) and cemented carbide substrate,which is a kind of super-hard composite produced under ultra high pressure and ultra high temperature.It integrates the advantages of diamond and tungsten carbide.

Standard PDC: Standard PDC adopts new flat,slotted junction plane,the thickness of diamond layer is from 0.8-2.5mm according to client’s requirement.They are widely used in Engineering and geological purpose.

Spherical Shape PDC: Sphere shaped PDC has more excellent shock-resistance toughness(ballistic work is equal to that of hard alloy)and it can be applied to percussion drilling,medium and small drill bit,oil roller bit,down-the-hole drill bit and geothermal drilling etc.

Special shaped PDC: we could provide special shaped PDC according to client's requirement,including rectangular shape,triangle shape,big diameter and other shape,etc

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