How to improve the sharpness of diamond Flower Turbo Blade?

The sharpness of the diamond flower turbo blade? increases the efficiency of the work, and we analyze this problem below.

Increased sharpness is determined by the diamond flower turbo blade 5 factors:
1, reduce the concentration of diamond, generally less than 25%.
2, to improve the proportion of rough eye, that is, 40-50 in the proportion of more than 60%.
3, shorten the length of the head, so that the standard head 24mm length shortened to 21mm.
4, improve the strength, diamond selection is generally higher than the standard head diamond strength of 1 to 2 kg.
5, reasonable selection of fetal formula, that is, the choice of easy to open the blade is not easy to desand low-temperature metal binder formula.

How can customers increase sharpness in use?
1, slow and fast. First cutting, the knife to be slow, the depth of the knife to be shallow, let it saw out a straight sawing road about 30mm depth, and then increase the speed of the knife down knife depth.
2, fixed steering cutting. At present, the general manufacturers do not according to fixed steering cutting, in the round saw blade did not make a steering mark, arbitrary steering cutting, so that thin round saw blade may be easy to "fatigue", it is recommended to use fixed steering cutting.
3, according to the hardness of stone, reasonable use of cutting depth and knife speed. General stone hardness is high, the depth of the knife to be shallow, the speed of the knife to be fast, strictly guard down the knife too deep.
4, first small and then large. Such as the production of 600mm wide sheet can be directly used 1600mm round saw blade one-time cutting, such as the production of 800mm (or 900mm) wide plate, generally using 1600mm round saw blade, cutting 600mm deep, and then replacing 2000mm (or 2200mm) round saw blade, cutting 200mm (or 300mm).

       Want to improve the efficiency of work, we must make diamond flower turbo blade? sharpness, improve the sharpness of the method is the above described those, if there are do not understand the problem welcome consultation.

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