How to deal with alloy saw blade after wear

When the alloy saw blade wears, in addition to choosing to scrap the alloy saw blade directly, you can also take the following methods to improve the wear level of the alloy saw blade, thereby extending the life of the saw blade. Let me introduce you to some alloy saw blades after wear How to deal with:


1. Grinding alloy saw blade

The technical threshold for grinding alloy saw blades is higher. In order to save costs, some companies will introduce saw blade grinding machines by themselves. But in the process of grinding, the effect of grinding is often not very good. In actual saw blade grinding, there are more than 20 procedures, so professional things still have to be done by professional people.

The grinding of alloy saw blades also has certain limitations, because not all saw blades are still intact after prolonged use. More often, the saw blade will lose teeth. For this situation, we can choose to fill the saw blade.


2. Tooth the alloy saw blade

During the use of the saw blade, the saw teeth of the saw blade are often damaged due to some uncertain factors. Among them, the overall shedding of saw teeth is often the most serious situation. Once the sawtooth comes off, it will inevitably affect the effect of sawing. At this time, the saw blade needs to be filled.


3. Change the teeth of the alloy saw blade

Tooth replacement is a method to improve the cutting effect of the saw blade without changing the raw material of the saw blade. The biggest feature of this method is that it can achieve the effect of sawing a new saw blade by replacing the saw teeth on the saw blade as a whole.


The wear of alloy saw blades is an unavoidable problem. Even if the properties of the metal materials used to make the saw blades or teeth are good, the service life of the alloy saw blades will reach the peak after a period of use, and you will face the replacement of new saw blades or saw The choice of grinding. The above are some tips on how to deal with the alloy saw blade after wear. I hope to help everyone. If you need an alloy saw blade, you can contact us.

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