Common problems and solutions of carbide saw blades

In the process of working, some problems will be encountered during the use of carbide saw blades. How are these problems caused? What needs to be done?

1. The segment wears too fast
Cause: The angle of the cutting edge is unreasonable, the segment bond is too soft, the segment itself has poor wear resistance, and the saw blade is not perpendicular to the material being cut.
Solution: replace the appropriate alloy saw blade; check the spindle flange to ensure the perpendicularity of the saw blade and the equipment; check the rotation speed of the saw blade at work.

2. Uneven wear on both sides of the segment
Cause: The saw blade was cut obliquely.
Solution: Check the tilt of the saw blade.

3. The alloy saw blade becomes dull and cannot be cut
Reason: The blade is not sharp enough and needs to be ground; the linear speed of the blade is too high; insufficient power cannot make the blade cut normally, and the blade is not applied with sufficient cutting pressure.
Solution: Grind the saw blade reasonably in time; select the saw blade with the corresponding diameter according to the instructions of the equipment; check the transmission belt, voltage, and motor; make sure that enough and not excessive cutting pressure is used.

4. The surface of the cutting workpiece has burrs or unevenness
Reasons: The saw blade is uneven and needs correction;  Saw blade serration defect; The installation of the saw blade is incorrect; If the saw blade is used for too long, the precision of the segment will be reduced.
Solution: Correct the position of the saw blade; Replace the sawtooth of the saw blade; Install the saw blade correctly according to the installation steps; Replace the saw blade regularly.

Carbide saw blades are the most commonly used cutting tools for wood products. The quality of carbide saw blades is closely related to the quality of processed products. Correct and reasonable selection of carbide saw blades is of great significance for improving product quality, shortening processing cycle, and reducing processing cost.

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