How to choose the sawtooth angle of woodworking saw blade

Woodworking saw blades are the most commonly used cutting tools for wood products. The quality of woodworking saw blades is closely related to the quality of processed products. The correct and reasonable selection of hard alloy woodworking saw blades is of great significance for improving product quality, shortening the processing cycle, and reducing processing cost. Here are some options for its sawtooth angle. 

1.The angle parameter of the sawtooth part is more complicated and the most professional. The correct selection of the angle parameter of the saw blade is the key to determine the cutting quality. The most important angle parameters are rake angle, back angle, and wedge angle. The front angle mainly affects the force consumed by sawing sawdust.

2.The larger the rake angle, the better the sharpness of the sawtooth cutting, the lighter the sawing, and the more labor-saving to push the material. Generally, when the material to be processed is soft, choose a larger rake angle, otherwise choose a smaller rake angle. 

3.The angle of the sawtooth is the position of the sawtooth during cutting. The angle of sawtooth affects cutting performance. The greatest influence on cutting is the rake angle, the back angle, and the wedge angle. The rake angle is the cutting angle of the sawtooth. The larger the rake angle, the lighter the cutting. The rake angle is generally between 10-15°C. The back angle is the angle between the sawtooth and the processed surface. Its function is to prevent the saw tooth from rubbing against the processed surface. The larger the back angle, the smaller the friction, and the smoother the processed product.

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