How much is the diamond saw blade?

Good quality diamond saw blades are generally from a powerful company. In addition to the process and raw material costs, it is the business philosophy of the diamond saw blade manufacturing enterprise. The business philosophy determines the positioning of the enterprise. SOMBETTER technical consultant believes that to win the market with the core of customer needs, the core of the interests will definitely make customers lose confidence, so how to distinguish between good and bad saw blades?

1. The SOMBETTER diamond saw blade with excellent quality has no phenomenon of chipping, falling corners and tail staying during the sawing process; the poor quality saw blade will cause chipping, falling corners, leaving the tail or cutting the stone, etc. Decline and face compensation.

2, SOMBETTER good quality diamond saw blade allows customers to save electricity, save time, labor, effort, and mechanical loss; poor quality saw blades make stone sawing work inefficient, time-consuming, power-consuming, labor-intensive, energy-consuming The atmosphere in the whole factory is tense and complaints are constant. This is not something that can be solved by a few dollars.

3. SOMBETTER diamond saw blade can cut 10-30% more when sawing the same plate with other brand saw blades of the same class, so that customers can increase their income while ensuring no processing problems, and make inventory turnover faster; poor quality saw blades will make The client's capital turnover is difficult, taking up inventory, solving old problems and creating new problems.

4, SOMBETTER diamond saw blade bearing 2SD limit balance formula, multi-slot side pressure process, DPF high-frequency composite welding technology, etc. can protect the customer in the sawing process, eliminating all safety hazards! Ordinary saw blades have no more patents or proprietary technologies, so the loss of the U-turn, the incision, the width of the weld is very large, and safety accidents occur frequently.

5, SOMBETTER diamond saw blade variety, the market segmentation in place, different saw blades used in different occasions, so that sawing any stone is not a problem; the strength of the enterprise, the blade variety provided to you, single sawing everything Hard stone, there are many problems.

So, do you buy a saw blade to consider the price or consider the quality? How to understand how to spend more money to buy high-quality saw blades to get more benefits? SOMBETTER technical consultant believes that the purpose of purchasing saw blades should be to solve the production needs, first consider how to reduce the loss in production, and then consider reducing the purchase price, and achieve the purpose of increasing efficiency after balanced evaluation.

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