Advantages of diamond grinding wheels

1. The hardness of the diamond abrasive determines the main characteristics of the diamond grinding wheel. It can efficiently grind hard-to-machine materials such as cemented carbide, glass and ceramics, and the grinding tool has the longest service life.

2. Diamond has high wear resistance, the wear of the grinding wheel is small, and the use time is longer. In the grinding process, the size, shape and shape of the diamond abrasive grains change little, which is more suitable for high-precision machining and production. efficient,Diamond grinding wheels are tools that can simultaneously handle efficient and precise machining.

3. The sharpened diamond grinding wheel can maintain the micro-edge of the abrasive grain for a long time, and the good cutting performance ensures the small grinding force during the grinding process, thereby reducing the grinding power and saving energy.

4. The thermal conductivity of diamond is very good, which is conducive to the evacuation of heat, avoiding burns, cracks and falling off of workpieces, and greatly improving the quality of surface processing of workpieces.

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