How can the diamond segment be sharp and wear-resistant

It is the most ideal state for the sharpness and wears resistance of the diamond segment to coexist, so what factors should be paid attention to if the sharpness and wear resistance of the diamond segment coexist?

1.Diamond tip concentration: The so-called diamond concentration refers to the density of diamond distribution in the working layer carcass (that is, the weight of diamond contained in a unit area). The concentration of 4.4 carats of diamonds per cubic centimeter of the working carcass is 100%, and the concentration of diamonds of 3.3 carats is 75%.

2. the hardness of the diamond tip bond: Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the bond, the stronger its anti-wear ability. Therefore, when cutting high-abrasive rocks, choose a binder with high hardness; when cutting a soft rock, choose a binder with a low hardness; when cutting a large and hard rock, choose a moderate-hardness Binding agent.

3. Diamond particle size: The commonly used diamond particle size is in the range of 30/35 ~ 60/80. The harder the rock, the finer the particle size is used, because under the same pressure conditions, the finer and sharper the diamond is, it is beneficial to cut into the hard rock. In addition, generally, large-diameter saw blades require high cutting efficiency and use coarser grain sizes. Small-diameter saw blades have low cutting efficiency and require smooth rock cutting sections. Finer grain sizes should be used.

There are three factors that need to be noted for the sharpness and wear resistance of the above diamond blades. I hope the above content will be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please contact us. Welcome to consult us!

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