Dressing of the grinding wheel

The dressing of the grinding wheel refers to the process of removing the passivated part of the surface of the grinding wheel with a diamond pen or a diamond roller. When does the grinding wheel need to be repaired? There are mainly three situations:

The new grinding wheel has just been installed on the machine tool. The outer circle is definitely not round. It needs to be rounded. After the grinding wheel is ground, a layer of abrasive is passivated. This layer of abrasive must be removed. The grinding wheel itself is not passivated. The material is blocked on the surface of the grinding wheel so that it cannot continue to grind.

The diamond roller is a new type of grinding wheel dressing tool used to dress various complex surfaces. Simple operation, short dressing time, long service life (up to 5-2.5 million times), high dressing accuracy up to ±2μm, high dressing efficiency, strong forming ability, high precision and stability of the dressing surface, and other dressing methods can be trimmed Unfinished complex surface grinding wheel. Diamond pen trimming, the raw material adopts natural sharp corners with high hardness. The sharp corners can be trimmed after being blunt. It can be used for many times. In the grinding wheel refurbishment of the grinder, the product can be durable and wear-resistant.

Different dressing speeds will directly affect the surface roughness of the grinding wheel, which in turn will affect the processing effect of the workpiece. The impact on grinding is specifically manifested in: when the dressing pen (diamond pen) moves faster, the surface of the grinding wheel is a "spiral surface" with a large pitch, which can be roughed. This is because each abrasive bears a greater force, the grinding wheel is easy to thresh, and the amount of metal ground is also large. When the dressing pen (diamond pen) is slow, the surface of the grinding wheel is a "spiral surface" with a small pitch, which can only be used for fine grinding, because the surface is dense, which is equivalent to increasing the particle size. Therefore, sometimes different workpiece roughness can be achieved with the same grinding wheel through different dressing speeds.

The above briefly introduces the dressing of some grinding wheels, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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