Classification of diamond wire saws

According to different actual needs and uses, diamond wire saws on the market can be divided into 7 types, namely: concrete cutting wire saws, mining granite wire saws, diamond wire saw for granite block squaring, diamond wire saw for granite profiling, mining marble wire saws, marble block squaring diamond wire saws, profiling marble diamond wire saws. According to the materials, diamond wire saw can be divided into rubber wire saws, plastic wire saws, spring wire saws, and spring plus rubber wire saws (for concrete cutting). The specifications of wire saws are mainly controlled by beads, and the range of sizes are from Φ7.2 to Φ11.5, but the formulas are different for different stones. The formula of bead production must be customized according to the actual situation of the stone, and make them up to the best work efficiency.

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