What are the advantages and disadvantages of diamond segment?

The diamond segment produced today are mostly used for cutting and abrasives, and can also be used as dressing wheels and as cutting tools. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the diamond segment?

Diamond is the hardest material found on the earth. The wear resistance of natural diamond is 80-120 times that of cemented carbide, and that of synthetic diamond is 60-80 times.

Therefore, the diamond segment made of it is extremely high. Hardness and wear resistance with excellent cutting performance and tool durability.

The higher the hardness of the processed material, the more prominent this advantage. For example, diamond segment can process new high-hardness non-metallic materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastics and silicon-filled materials.

Diamond also has the characteristics of low friction coefficient and low affinity with non-ferrous metals, so the segment made of diamond also has these characteristics. The diamond segment does not have the stick knife when segment to cut metals such as copper, aluminum and iron. phenomenon. And the diamond segment is not easy to passivate, the segment deformation is small, and a higher quality surface can be obtained.

The diamond segment is used for cutting stone, refractory materials, ceramic tiles, concrete pavement, etc. During the cutting process, high heat is generated to deform the segment and affect the machining accuracy. Peeling of diamond coatings can prevent coating flaking from being a serious problem for diamond coated tools and a common problem (especially when machining materials such as carbon fiber), which can lead to unpredictable tool life.

The working face of the diamond segment is concave, that is, the middle is depressed, and the two sides are convex, which can improve the crushing of the working layer and reduce the lateral pressure, thereby achieving the purpose of improving cutting efficiency and cutting quality.

Everything in the world is not perfect, there are advantages and disadvantages, of course, the diamond segment is no exception. We can use its advantages and avoid its shortcomings when using it.

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