The Vital Role of Grinding Blocks in Diamond Grinding Technology

Grinding blocks are indispensable tools in diamond grinding technology, tailored for specialized floor treatments. They are utilized in tandem with various grinding machinery to enhance the quality and aesthetics of surfaces made of concrete, cement, and other hard materials.


Comprising high-hardness diamond particles and a bonding agent, grinding blocks' efficacy and suitability hinge on factors like the size, shape, and distribution of diamond particles, as well as the hardness of the binding agent. The latter is classified as soft, medium, or hard, catering to diverse concrete types and grinding requirements.


Selection Criteria:

Several factors influence the choice of grinding blocks:

1. Purpose: Different grinding objectives necessitate specific block types. Coarse grinding, for instance, demands coarse grit blocks, whereas fine grinding requires finer grit variants.

2. Material: Varied ground materials mandate different block hardness and types. Hard concrete may warrant hard-bonded blocks, whereas softer or fresh concrete may necessitate softer bonds.

3. Machinery: The type of grinding machinery employed dictates block selection, with different machines necessitating blocks of distinct sizes and shapes.


Application Scenarios:

1. Concrete and Cement Floor Grinding: Rectifies surface irregularities, eliminates old coatings or paints, and polishes surfaces for desired smoothness and gloss.

2. Industrial and Commercial Floor Maintenance: During routine upkeep and renovation of floors in industrial settings, shopping complexes, parking lots, etc., abrasive blocks are instrumental in removing wear layers from smooth surfaces or prepping them for new coatings or sealants.

3. Floor Restoration and Coating Removal: Facilitates the removal of old coatings or damaged flooring materials before restoration or coating replacement.

4. Ground Preparation: Prepare the ground before applying new coatings or sealants to ensure optimal adhesion of the new layer.

5. Special Floor Treatments: Addresses specific floor requirements, such as non-slip surfaces, abrasion resistance, or specific gloss levels, by offering customized grinding solutions.

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