The problem should be pay attention to when using resin diamond & CBN grinding wheel

 Changsha 3 Better Ultra-hard materials Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer and wholesaler for diamond& CBN (cubic boron nitride) abrasives and tools. We based on the excellent products quality, and endeavor to provide our clients with three BETTER concept: Better products, Better prices and Better services. Considering the diamond grinding wheels is becoming more and more popular. We share some attention of useing grinding wheel as below. 1.Before resin wheel fan installation, check to there is crack or not, then knock the wheel with a wooden hammer , check to there is hear abnormal voice or not, and if abnormal, the cooling fan can not be used to avoid injury caused by wheel broke. 2.Newly installed resin grinding wheel or new using in other day , should be idling more than one minute, if all goes well, it can be used in accordance with the relevant safety regulations. 3.Because the resin grinding wheel is brittle and fragile, please do not let it be impacted, no falling. When storing, be antifreeze and moisture-proof.keeping a indoor ventilation, notice placed flat and stacked neatly, dust-proof, clean the wheel when no use, and no weight. 4.When the resin wheel installation, you must find a center of the resin wheel, tightening with flange,then check whether cylindrical grinding wheel spindle concentric , resin wheel at least one side of the vertical center line of the spindle. 5.After installing resin grinding wheel, for safety, be sure to install the qualified protective enclosure, and then start to use the machine.
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