The difference between the diamond grinding wheel and CBN grinding wheel

Different application:Diamond grinding wheel is mainly used for processing hard and brittle materials, such as carbide, ceramics, glass and other work parts, CBN grinding wheel is mainly used for processing hard and tough materials, especially ferrous metals, such as various steel parts, cast iron, auto parts - crankshafts, camshafts, hydraulic parts, compressor parts and so on.

Different cost:
The production cost of the CBN wheel is much higher than diamond wheel.

Different heat resistance: CBN can withstand the high temperature  1250-1350 degress Celsius,whereas the diamond grinding wheel heat resistance is around 800 degrees Celsius.But CBN wheel can not replace diamond grinding carbide to process the non-metallic hard materials. When grinding, oily coolant can only be used, not water-based coolant. Because, at high temperature grinding,the CBN alkaline aqueous solution will occur chemical reaction, will damage the abrasive crystal.

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