Professional supplier of diamond wire die

We are a Chinese manufacturer of draw moulds for tungsten carbide die and diamond/PCD die. We are one of the leading suppliers of tungsten  carbide dies in China. Our wire-drawing dies to meet the needs of many large companies.  We also produce wire drawing moulds for pulling aluminum, copper and other metals wire.

Drawing die design
Die Angle ranging from 6 to 15 °, and each wire drawing die, there are two different angles in Angle and methods. The Angle depends on the material to be stretched, the shrinkage of each die, and the type of wire drawn for dry or wet drawing.

wire die lubrication
Lubrication of drawing die is the key to guarantee surface finish and die life. There are many different ways to lubricate wire die
Wet drawing: during this process, the mold and wire are completely immersed in the lubricant, which can be oil or soap.
Dry drawing die: a vessel of wire or wire in the open air through a dry lubricant covering the wire or wire surface
Metal coating: the surface of a wire or rod is coated with soft metal as a solid lubricant. On steel wires, for example, copper is applied to steel like a lubricant.

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