Problems and solutions in Milling-grinding Process of Diamond Tools


In the process of using diamond tools, many kind of problems often appear, which affect the rate of processing efficiency and finished products. There is a great influence on the product performance and production cost. This is mainly reflect in the internal performance and manufacturing technology of diamond tools.So Changsha 3 Better Ultra-hard materials Co. Ltd. find the problems and solutions in milling-grinding process of diamond tools.
In the milling-grinding process,the main problems as follows: A,the poor roughness; B, glass crack; C, unstable molded surface; D, low efficiency and deep scratches.
These problems are mainly related with the particle size, the sharpness of bond, concentricity and concentration of milling-grinding wheel, and the life and durability of grinding wheel. In order to solve these problems, we should analyze from the manufacturing technology of grinding wheel, to mainly adjust the strength of the bond and the concentration and particle size of diamonds, and at the same time, it must ensure the concentricity of grinding wheel. Of course, we also need to improve the holding strength of diamond and lower the grinding hardness of the bond. 
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