Precautions for selecting a diamond segment

What do you pay attention to when choosing a diamond segment? There are some newcomers who don't know where to start when they buy. Here are a few notes for everyone.

1. Processing object: According to different processing objects, select saw blades for stone special, concrete special, ceramic tile special, marble special.

2. Sawing equipment: Select the diamond saw blade according to the sawing equipment. Larger equipment power can be used to ensure the life of the wear-resistant saw blade, the equipment power is small, select the sharp product to ensure its cutting efficiency.

For cutting machines with yaw or poor precision, wear-resistant saw blades are preferred. For newer precision cutting machines, sharp saw blades are available.

3, geometric size: refers to the size and type of saw blade according to the specifications and quality requirements of the cutting material. For example, the diameter of a diamond saw blade should generally be three times larger than the workpiece of the object being cut.

At the same time, according to the processing precision requirements, the saw blade structure form is selected, that is, when the sawing surface is smooth or the material is thin and fragile, the narrow groove type or continuous tooth saw blade should be selected. On the contrary, the sawing surface requirement is not high or relatively For thick materials, a wide slot saw blade is available.

When choosing a diamond segment, be sure to pay attention to the three aspects mentioned above: machining object, sawing equipment, and geometric size. The purchased products should be stored well, or they will have rust spots and cannot be used.

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