Method for improving the performance of diamond saw blades

The method for improving the performance of the diamond saw blade is subjected to a cold-pressing-hot sintering process to perform vacuum protection atmosphere sintering. The cutter head which is sintered after cold pressing is very sharp in the sawing process, and the production efficiency is improved a lot, and the vacuum protection atmosphere sintering can prevent the powder from being oxidized and activated and sintered, thereby improving the performance of the cutter head and prolonging the graphite mold. Life expectancy and lower production costs.

Ultrafine powder and prealloyed powder are used. Ultrafine powder helps to lower the sintering temperature and increase the hardness of the carcass. The pre-alloyed powder, through the three-dimensional three-dimensional mixing, greatly shortens the contact time of the powder with the air, prevents premature loss and segregation of the low melting point metal, and is beneficial to increase the strength of the sintered product and increase the holding power of the diamond.

Improve the particle size ratio of diamond. In the traditional ratio, the cutter head should be sharper, and more coarse diamonds should be used. Otherwise, fine diamonds should be used. But it never achieves the best work efficiency. Due to the high hardness and elastic modulus of diamond, plastic deformation is difficult to occur at high temperature sintering. Choosing the ratio and increasing the bulk density of the diamond particles before sintering are advantageous for improving the wear ratio of the tool.

High-strength diamond with stable production performance, coarse particles and good thermal stability. The diamond saw blade is basically fixed on the working substrate by diamond and the carcass under certain process conditions, mainly relying on diamond grinding agent and cutting action to process different stone materials. Therefore, the quality, particle size and concentration of diamond have a decisive role in diamond tools.

Add a strong carbon powder element to increase the diamond holding power. In the process of diamond saw blade processing, if the cutter carcass has a good holding force on the diamond, the diamond will have a good edge and will not fall off prematurely, and the cutting is sharp and the efficiency is high. It is also possible to add a small amount of molybdenum, chromium, tungsten powder or the like to the carcass powder.

Improve the production technology and equipment quality of the saw blade; the quality of the saw blade is closely related to the production process and equipment of the production saw blade. The high quality production process or equipment can improve the quality and performance of the saw blade; many manufacturers are conducting research and trying Get a breakthrough.

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