How to Maintain Diamond Saw Blade ?

1.When the diamond saw bladenot using , please hang it squarely or through the inner hole. The flat diamond saw blade can not be presse by others , or trampled with feet, and pay attention to moisture-proof and rust-proof.

2.When the diamond saw blade is not sharp and the cutting surface is rough, Please fixed in time. Otherwise ,the diamond saw blade will working not well .What’s more, Fix can not change the original angle and destroy the dynamic balance.

3.When we fix the diamond saw balde diameter modification ,or positioning hole processing of the diamond saw blade , please confirm with factory and supplier first.  If not processed properly, it will influencing the use effect of the product and damage it . In principle, the hole enlargement should not exceed the original hole diameter of 20 mm, so as will keep the stress balance.

When the diamond saw blade is working, the work parts should be fixed and the feed should be smooth so we can make sure the diamond saw blade can working well . 

5.When abnormal voice and vibration are found, rough cutting surface or odor occurs, Please stop working immediately, and check in time , in order to avoid accidents.

6.Clean up debris in time to prevent slag from agglomerating and affecting production and safety.

7.When dry cutting, please do not cut continuously for a long time Because long time using will affecting the service life and cutting effect of the diamond saw blade; When wet cutting,Please remomber to put water regularlly ,beware of electric shock .

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