How to install diamond/CBN grinding wheel

Installation Note: Grinding wheel blades must be carefully checked and identified before installation. The steps for checking identification are:
1, check that the grinding wheel's brand is correct, whether it meets the performance, shape and size of all selected grinding wheels.
2, check and identify the appearance structure of the grinding wheel. Use your eyes to see if the appearance of the grinding wheel is damaged (or cracked). Grinding wheels with damaged appearance (or cracks) cannot be used. There is also a requirement that the ends of the grinding wheel be flat, there must be no obvious skew.
3, check and identify the cracks inside the grinding wheel. Listen to the grinding wheel with a hand-held grinding wheel, tap the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer, make a crisp sound without cracks, and the cracked grinding wheel make a hoarse sound, which cannot be used.

Installation steps:
1, the grinding wheel is freely assembled to the grinding wheel spindle, not available force extrusion. The inner diameter of the grinding wheel has an appropriate clearance with the spindle and the card plate to avoid being too large or too small. The surface is clean and there are no debris.
2, the grinding wheel of the card plate should be symmetrical from side to side, the radial width of the pressing surface should be equal. The pressing surface is straight, the side contact with the grinding wheel is sufficient, the clamp is stable, and the two sides of the grinding wheel are deformed or even broken due to unbalanced force.
3, between the chuck and the end face of the grinding wheel should be clamped a certain thickness of flexible material cushions (such as asbestos rubber plate, elastic thick cardboard or leather, etc.), so that the chuck clamping force evenly distributed.
4, fastening the tightness of the grinding wheel should be tight enough to drive the grinding wheel does not produce sliding is appropriate, should not be too tight. When tightening a large tray with multiple bolts, gradually and evenly tighten in verse pairs, prohibiting the tightening of the bolts in the circular order, or tightening one bolt at a time. Fastening the grinding wheel tray can only be used with a standard board hand, do not use a long wrench or use a knock method to increase the tightening force.

The above is the inspection step and installation step of finishing the grinding wheel installation, I hope the above content is helpful to everyone. For high-quality grinding wheels, please contact us.

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