FAQ Of Diamond Saw Blade

No.1: How can I buy the most suitable diamond saw blade? 

A:1.Make sure the diamond saw blades are used for sawing, slicing, breaking or other uses first. 
2.hardness, abrasive and particle size of stone. If possible, please provide samples or pictures. 
3.Saw blades used on which kind of machinery, is it for bridge cut, table cut or brick cut?
4.The main motor of the machine, the number of turns per minute of the shaft, the depth of the knife and the cutting depth.
5.make sure segment size is suitable for the diamond blade matrix. 
6.Basic requirements for the work life of the saw blade and the square number of each saw blade cut.

No.2:What is the difference between a turbo diamond saw blade and a segmented diamond saw blade?

A:Compared with the segmented diamond blade, the turbo blade has better continuity when cutting, which is suitable for cutting marble. Segmented type is suitable for cutting granite.

No.3:What's the difference between a dry slice and a wet slice? 

A:The main difference is that the diamond segment is welded to the substrate in a different way. Wet cutting using brazing process. Half of the dry cut is laser welding. Laser welding has a higher melting point. In addition to the welding method, another difference is: the matrix. The dry cutting of the bond are relatively soft, making cutting easier without cooling water.

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