Factors affecting the life of resin bond grinding wheels

The grinding wheel is one of the larger amount and range of use in the grinding tool, so we pay more attention to its life. In addition to the normal wear and tear, there are other reasons that can cause this phenomenon. Extended service life.

1. The grinding wheel is made of abrasive and bonding agent. Because the grinding wheel and the workpiece to be ground will generate a lot of heat, the bonding agent is easily softened.

2. The grinding wheel is a bit blunt after a long period of effort, mainly because the surface particles and the cutting tools rub against each other during work, and gradually wear and become dull, when the grinding resistance exceeds the adhesion between the particles and the bonding agent. The particles begin to fall off and are replaced by new sharp particles.

3. The ground metal material and the bonding agent are bonded and stuffed in the gap between the sand grains to fill the grinding wheel. If you continue to work with this plug-in grinding wheel, not only is the work efficiency quite low, but the sharpened cutting tool will also turn blue to cause annealing.

4. On the other hand, if the bonding agent cannot firmly bond the particles, the grinding will also fall off when the particles have not been purified, so that the sand transmission line is worn quickly and easily deformed, and needs to be frequently trimmed.

The above four conditions are the key to the longevity of the grinding wheel, and these factors should be paid special attention to in daily use.

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