Do you know the usage of the wire drawing dies

The scope of application of drawing die is very wide, mainly used for drawing bar, wire pipe and other linear difficult to process objects. For example, electronic devices, radar, television, instrumentation and aerospace and other high-precision silk materials, as well as commonly used tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, stainless steel wire, wire and cable wire and a variety of alloy wire are made of diamond drawing die drawing, diamond drawing die mainly due to the use of natural diamond as raw materials, so as to have a strong wear resistance,

The service life is very high.
Various materials drawing die use:
(1) Alloy steel mould 
Alloy steel Die is an early manufacturing material for drawing die. The materials used to make alloy steel molds are mainly carbon tool steels and alloy tool steels.However, due to the poor hardness and wear resistance of alloy steel mold, short life, can not adapt to the needs of modern production, so the alloy steel mold was quickly eliminated, in the production and processing has almost no visible alloy steel mold.

(2) Tungsten carbide mould
Tungsten carbide dies are made of Tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide belongs to tungsten cobalt alloy, the main components of which are tungsten carbide and cobalt. Tungsten carbide is the  "skeleton " of the alloy, mainly plays a hard wear-resistant effect; Cobalt is a bonded metal and is the source of the toughness of the alloy.Therefore, cemented carbide mold compared with alloy steel mold has the following characteristics: High wear resistance, good polishing, small adhesion, small friction coefficient, low energy consumption, high corrosion resistance, these characteristics make cemented carbide drawing mold has a wide range of processing adaptability, has become the most widely used wire drawing mold.

(3) Natural diamond Mould 
Natural diamond is the alleles of carbon, the mold made with it has the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance and so on. However, the brittleness of natural diamond is larger and difficult to process, and is generally used in the manufacture of drawing die with a diameter of less than 1.2mm.In addition, natural diamond is expensive, the supply is scarce, so natural diamond mold is not the ultimate search for the economic and practical drawing tools.

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