Cold pressing process of diamond segments

There are mainly parts of manufacturing diamond segments as follow:

Batching material, stirring material, cold pressing , molding , sintering , and post-treatment before becoming finished products , and our key point is cold pressing .

What is cold processing ?  some manufacturers designed the cold processing workshop as a conditioning room , but some are not take seriously , so most of cold-processing process are being done under normal condition , specific complete way is to put the agitation of the powder (containing diamond particles and matrix materials), through the way of pressure, pressed powder become block, through such way of cold pressing diamond and matrix can be preliminary unifies in together, forming the shape of the cutting tools, that’s why to say the cold press is an a very critical step in the process of segment.

 what kind of machinery will be used for the cold pressing of diamond tool head? Now most of the domestic manufacturers use the automatic cold pressing machine to complete, such a machine is very efficient in processing, only one person is needed to weigh the finished product (this step is very important).

Weighing is a very important part during cold pressing , the weight is too big or too small will cause quality problem , it is very important to make sure the quality of segments are stable . the difference of weight are mainly caused by the uneven of diamond and binder , and this is the mainly reason for quality of segments , this must be avoid during manufacturing .

how to ensure the uniformity of powder in the process of cold pressing?  It is very important when mixing materials, it is a big problem if not mixing properly during cold processing , there are some other problems except the material , If you choose diamond with poor quality or diamond powder of different sizes, the powder will be uneven.

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