Classification and characteristics of electroplated diamond saw blades

1. Appearance classification of electroplated diamond cutting sheets:

(1). Continuous edge saw blade: continuous sawtooth diamond saw blade, generally made by sintering method. Commonly used bronze bond as base carcass material, water must be added during cutting to ensure the cutting effect, and the type of slit is cut by the laser.

(2). the cutter head saw blade: the sawtooth is broken, the cutting speed is fast, suitable for dry and wet cutting methods.

(3). Turbine type saw blade: Combining the advantages of the first two and the second, the sawtooth continuously presents a turbine-like uniform convex and concave, which improves the cutting speed and increases the service life.

2. characteristics of electroplated diamond cutting piece:

The electroplated diamond saw blade is electroplated to closely adhere the corundum to the surface of the substrate. It is mainly used for cutting hard and brittle materials such as stone, concrete and road. Compared with ordinary diamond saw blades, the cutter head does not fall off, does not drop sand, has high wear resistance and long service life.

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