Arix Diamond segment

In the production process of diamond segments, due to the overcoming of diamond distribution from the original random disordered state, into a preset ordered diamond according to the characteristics of product use, so that when using diamond saw blade cutting, the force is uniform, reduce power consumption, reduce noise and greatly improve its sharpness. The arix segment makes the diamond get full use, and also greatly improves the service life of the diamond saw blade.

According to our experiments and customer feedback shows that the use of Arix segment than the common diamond segment, its sharpness increased by 30%, life can be extended by more than 100%. Strong performance adaptability. The sharpness and durability of diamond tools are a pair of contradictions, especially as the conditions of use change, it is often difficult to meet both sides of the requirements. In order to solve this contradiction, the original practice often requires repeated debugging of diamond concentration, particle size, strength, combination of fetal body and manufacturing process. The performance of diamond saw blade using ordered arrangement technology has a wide range of applicability.

After testing, Arix diamond segment have good cutting performance for granite, steel cement, tarmac surface and other material cutting.

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