Advantages and defects of electroplated diamond grinding wheel

 Electroplated diamond wheel advantages:

1. Electroplating is simple, with less capital and convenient manufacturing.
2. No need to trim, easy to use.
3. The operation speed of single-layer structure is high, 250~300m/s abroad.
4. Although there is only a single layer of diamond, there is still a satisfactory life.
5. Manufacture of rollers and grinding wheels with high precision requirements.

Electroplated diamond wheel defects:

1. There is no strong chemical-metallurgical connection between the coated metal and the substrate and the abrasive. The abrasive is actually only embedded in the coated metal by mechanical engraving, so the steering force is small, and the diamond particles are heavily loaded. The medium is easy to fall (or the plating is peeled off) and the whole is ineffective.
2. In order to add the manipulating force, it is necessary to add the thickness of the plating layer, so that the exposed height of the abrasive grains and the space of the chip are reduced, so that the grinding wheel is easily blocked, the heat dissipation effect is also poor, and the surface of the workpiece is prone to burns.

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