Polycrystalline Diamond

Diamond is the hardest material in the world, and the hardness of cubic boron nitride is second only to it.The hardness of these two kinds of materials including corundum, silicon carbide, hard alloy, high speed steel and other cutting tool materials, is much higher than other materials. Therefore, diamond tools have longer service life, less wear and tear and high efficiency compared with the traditional hard materials in the process of industrial processes. Especially in the aspect of machining hard materials, it has the incomparable superiority.

PCD have excellent grinding performance: high removal rate and toughness, self-sharpening; compared with the single crystal diamond, less prone to surface scratches; more suitable for grinding workpiece surface hardness of different materials used.As a precision diamond abrasive for sapphire, head, hard, hard glass and crystal, ceramic and carbide ultra-precision grinding and polishing, such as for LED sapphire thinning;As coating additives, coating for metal molds, tools, parts, etc., can greatly improve the surface wear resistance, surface hardness, and prolong life.Mainly used for grinding, polishing is generally formulated as a liquid to use. Also possible to make the tool, not prone to crack when cutting. 
Polycrystalline diamond is a diamond and the binding agent in high temperature, high pressure sintering of diamond under the polymer, it has a very high heat resistance and high thermal stability. Widely used in the manufacture of petroleum, geological drill bits, diamond processing and machining tools. 

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